Win2000 on Scenic ProM6 P-II? How?

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Win2000 on Scenic ProM6 P-II? How?

Postby AstBoldt » Thu Sep 20, 2001 22:23

Does anyone knows if the Pro M6 P-II with D1085 Board is Win2000 compatible.<P>Several tries failed, Win2k could not handle the HP-PSC-500 (All-in-One Printer/Scanner) and the TerraTec 128PCI.<BR>Of course all needed drivers and updates were loaded and installed.<P>A installation on a even older No-Name Board with AMDk6-2-500 works fine.<P>So where´s the problem?


Re: Win2000 on Scenic ProM6 P-II? How?

Postby Binary » Thu Sep 27, 2001 15:23

That's why Microsoft issued a Hardware Compatibility List. Best approach is to remove problem devices, install Win2000 and try to re-install everything. You must, of course, have the proper Win2000 drivers, because Win9x drivers will almost certainly not work. The problem is most likely not the board.

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