Loading W2K on a Lifebook C6555

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Loading W2K on a Lifebook C6555

Postby djbourke » Tue Aug 28, 2001 23:08

I've had W2K running succesfully on my Lifebook C6555 for the past 6 months. Things began to slow down a couple of weeks ago with lots of Dr Watson crashes, so I decided to clear the hard disk down and reload the entire system.<BR>The problem is W2K will now not load - the screen goes blank and everything locks up when searching for new hardware. Win98SE loads fine, though I need W2K for a specific application.<P>The only conclusion I can come to is that there is a hardware fault (given it was working and now is not) though FSC won't look at it (despite it being under warranty) as it was supplied with Win98SE and therefore W2K is not supported.<P>Has anybody got any ideas ???<BR>

Re: Loading W2K on a Lifebook C6555

Postby » Mon Sep 17, 2001 11:52

When you cleaned your hard disk, did you delete all files or did you format the disk? If you did format, then you havewiped out some system files needed in order to load win2k. You must create, somehow a recovery disk for win2k and try the installation again using the CD and the recovery disk. <BR>It's not going to be easy...

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