how to install xp pro in ,1437g

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how to install xp pro in ,1437g

Postby kost36 » Wed Nov 23, 2005 10:01

HI all,<BR>I am a new owner of that model with win xp home and I would really was very very glad if someone could explain step by step how to change the OS from home to win xp pro.<BR>I read carefully all the refferenced try to explain messages but I continue to feel a little confused.<BR>So I am wondering:<BR>1. Why the siemens techical supporting group don't give some explicit instructions<P>2. What exactly files I have to copy and WHERE??? to make bios be able to recognise the hard disk.<P>3. How it could be possible to format the hard disk if it will be necessary to the future<P>thank's<BR>kost36<P>


Re: how to install xp pro in ,1437g

Postby opensesame » Wed Dec 07, 2005 16:19

I have the same type of laptop and the same problem. Why the Bios can indentify another winxp system?

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