User customisable firmware of Myrica-V27 LCD TV?

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User customisable firmware of Myrica-V27 LCD TV?

Postby JaDi » Wed Nov 16, 2005 17:12

I was wondering....<P>Although the Myrica-V27 is a wonderfull product, sharpely priced, is has a few points of improvement:<BR>Because there's a serial communication port I know that a new firmware release could be transferred rather easily into the LCD. <BR>Things that can be improved: <BR>- After switching on the TV, first the power button on the remote has to be pressed before the TV responds to any other button. It would be more user-friendly if at least the numeric buttons and the "source" button could be used directly when the TV is in Standby mode. <BR>- The external sources are not in reach by the "channel up" and "channel down" buttons. It would be nice when 'below' channel "0" the external sources could be placed.<BR>- Could it be possible to include a submenu to change the order in which the external sources are listed. I think most people will use the "DVI" source a lot, and sadly this is placed at the end of the list. If this is not possible, perhaps different versions of the firmware could be released?<BR>- The overall response rate to the remote is rather slow when compared to previous TV's, could this be improved?<P>Please, anyone, comment on this...<BR>JaDi.


Re: User customisable firmware of Myrica-V27 LCD TV?

Postby Magic » Wed Nov 30, 2005 14:03

I was wondering too....<P>I am a user of a Myrica-V32 and it is absolutely a wonderfull product!!!<BR>But I agree in opinion to JaDi...<P>WE NEED A NEW FIRMWARE <P>to make the handling of the LCD more comfortable.<P>Best Regards<BR>Ralf<BR>

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