setup win xp.pls pls help

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setup win xp.pls pls help

Postby alinux » Fri Nov 04, 2005 15:01

i have an amilo v2040.<BR>i instaled linux FC4 and it works fine...but i cant get my sound work..<BR>when i open my computer i hear in my speakers a very powerfull sound, a squeak.if a touch the sound control,the volume to get it up or down, the sound stops for good.i dont hear my muzic...what is the problem?<BR>my second problem is that i want to install window xp, i have a cd from microsoft.i put it my cd-rom, it says Imageress any key to boot from cd...i press says searching for your hardware and it stops....on a black screen!!!the led from the hard disk is on but the led from the cd-rom is of...<BR>i cant install windows...why?<BR>when i installed linux...i partitioned the hard drive in this way:<BR>two primary partition: /boot and one where i wnat to install windows...fat32 and the rest of the partitions are on extended.<P>pls help me with this...

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