Amilo 7405 + BIOS update

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Amilo 7405 + BIOS update

Postby yanivlt » Thu Oct 27, 2005 22:27

the problem is that i can't see in color on my TV (only B&W) when i use an S-Video to RCA adapter.<BR>from intel tech- support they said it's the expected behavior cause, it's doesn't provide support for any type of converters and most converters or adapters will not allow the TV-out feature to work properly.<BR>they recommended that I visit the motherboard manufacturer or system<BR>vendor's webpage and download the latest BIOS update. <BR>"Installing this will update your VBIOS as well and should facilitate interaction between the graphics controller hardware and the latest drivers"<P>would it help?<BR>if so, should I download the latest BIOS version from this site?<BR>thanks<P>

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