RemoteView Lan via IPMI/BMC

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RemoteView Lan via IPMI/BMC

Postby mabene » Sat Oct 29, 2005 17:09

I'm trying to get Console redirection to work via RemoveView Land for a couple of RX100S2 Servers. <BR>Access to the Servers is via BMC/IPMI, so I'm using the RMCP Filter to access the systems. <P>The BMC setup docs specify that the IP address entered for the BMC should match the IP address used by the operating system.<P>Problem: If I don't enter a systems IP adress in the RMCP filter, RemoteView doesnt't work. If I do enter it, normal access to the system (ssh) no longer works. <P>Is there any way to get BOTH normal network connectivity and RemoteView access working at the same time?<P>Thanks, Martin

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