Storagebird LAN & GPL.

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Storagebird LAN & GPL.

Postby JohnMills » Sun Oct 23, 2005 22:15

I have purchased a Storagebird LAN, which works very well.<P>In the product liturature for this network disk, it indicates that "Shares files over LAN as file server (SAMBA)".... Is this a true statement? If so, are you using SAMBA with a licence that is NOT the GPL?<P>What operating system do you use inside Storagebird LAN? Is it BSD based or is it embedded Linux? I don't see any reference to this either in the documentation or in the admin web page.<P>If this product does use Linux / SAMBA and other open source products please indicate which ones... and also if so, where are you providing the necessary source code that you agree to provide if you use the GPL.

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