Econel 30 und Adaptec 29320 == no harmony :-)

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Econel 30 und Adaptec 29320 == no harmony :-)

Postby ellistours » Fri Oct 21, 2005 11:09

Hi,<P>I'm using an Econel 30 server with MS Windows 2003 Server and MS Exchange.<P>It has been working without any major problems<BR>until I installed the Adaptec SCSI controller<BR>mentioned in the subject.<P>The only device connected to the adapter is a Sony AIT-3 Tapedevice.<P>Even if I do not use the tape device (=making<BR>no backups), the server freezes completely after a few hours and has to be switched off and on.<P>The hardware configuration is:<P> Promise FastTrak 100 LP/TX2 Raid Controller, Driver version,<BR> 11.04.2003<BR> Eicon DIVA Server 4BRI-8M 2.0, Driver version, 22.10.2004<BR> Eicon DIVA Server BRI-2M 2.0, Driver version, 22.10.2004<BR> Rage Fury Pro/Xpert 2000, Driver version, 30.10.2002<BR> Adaptec SCSI 29320A, Driver version "Adaptec Ultra320 Family Manager <BR> Set v3.00S4", 08.09.2004<P>Any hints are welcome.<P>Thomas

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