SuSE 9.3 - Fujitsu RX100 S2

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SuSE 9.3 - Fujitsu RX100 S2

Postby FraLa » Wed Sep 14, 2005 8:27

Hi,<P>We would like to install a SuSE Pro 9.3 and a RX100 S2 server. Note that I already have installed this distrib on a laptop, on another server but it's the first time on a server with SATA disks.<P>To avoid questions about procedure, here is the one I use :<BR>- on BIOS, hyperthreading, APIC and multiboot for HDs are disabled,<BR>- on BIOS, the 'Large disk access mode' is set to other<BR>- using fastbuild, I remove the RAID array (the kernel 2.6 is incompatible with such RAID, dixit SuSE ...) => no RAID<BR>- the server boots on the Primergy ServerStart (v5.410) CD<BR>- using the FastTrack RAID tool, I disable the "Enable SMART Check"<BR>- I select a Linux Professional 9 installation and start the installation.<BR>- the Linux installation starts (boot options : acpi=off apm=off noapic) and Yast is started without problem.<BR>- I select the packages, set the language, the time zone, etc<BR>- I set partitions as following :<BR> /dev/sda1 - Linux native (ext2) - /boot (70.5Mb)<BR> /dev/sda2 - Linux swap - swap (2Gb)<BR> /dev/sda3 - Linux reiser - /<BR> /dev/sdb1 - Linux - reiser - /home (all disk)<BR>- I switch to a LILO boot<BR>- I launch the installation. All packages of the CD #1 are copied and the server is restarted.<BR>- and now, here is the problem : it is impossible to start Linux. I get the message "Operating system not found".<P>I already spend two days on this configuration ...<P>Any idea ?<P>Thanks a lot for your help.<P>Regards,<P>Franck


Re: SuSE 9.3 - Fujitsu RX100 S2

Postby pirok » Mon Nov 07, 2005 21:38

I did a install with the megaide driver and the onboard sata raid. It's working all right and no problems with the install. <BR>But somethimes when you reboot, the boot process stalls (at the megaide driver initialisation) and you have to reboot once more, on the other hand when it's running it's quite stable. I have testet the rebuild funktion - OK, but it took app. 2 hours for 250 GB<BR>PS. if anything goes wrong in the installation process reboot and use the initialisation of the raid disk and it should be OK

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