TX200 HostRaid Controller and Sysprep Problem

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TX200 HostRaid Controller and Sysprep Problem

Postby abrands » Wed Nov 03, 2004 17:40

I have to install several different server types with different raid controllers with one sysprep image via Microsoft ADS. This works fine for Adaptec 2010S, 2200S and LSI MegaRaid. When I add the entries from the inf-file (a320raid.inf) to the [SysprepMassStorage] section sysprep stops during execution. <P>Here is an example:<BR>[SysprepMassStorage]<BR> PCIVEN_9005&DEV_809F = "%WINDIR%TREIBER4a320raid.inf", "", "Adaptec AIC-7902 HostRAID driver", "."<P>Does anybody now the correct syntax? Or is there anything else I have to change?<P>Thanks and regards,<BR>Andreas

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