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Postby object » Fri Oct 15, 2004 11:59

Problem description:<BR>ServerView / Alarm Monitor does not identify specific traps.<P>Messages shown in the Alarm Details window/block :<BR>Test case No.1: Having sent a Test Trap:<BR>Unknown trap: Enterprise =, Specific Trap Number = 600, Generic Trap Number = 6, 4 Parameters: primergy, 1097826359,, public<BR>Test case No.2: Having restarted snmp services on the Monitored Server:<BR>Station reinitialized.<P>Configuration:<BR>Monitored Server: Primergy TX200, Debian GNU/Linux 2.4.27, net-snmp 5.1, ServerView/agents (srvmagt-*) 3.03<BR>Management Server: Scenic P300, Debian GNU/Linux 2.4.27, net-snmp 5.1, apache 1.3, ServerView/WebExtention 2.45 ./AlarmService 2.30<P>All other tested functions work.<P>Additional information:<BR>{DocumentRoot}/ServerView/SnmpView/uid/1/snism.dba/AlarmLog<BR>"timestamp" "alarmName" "monitoronly" "severity" "server" "pagerstate" "mailstate" "execstate" "stationstate" "broadcaststate" "eventlogstate" "alarmack" "acktime" "alarmlogID" "alarmnote" "details"<BR>0 "Cold start" 0 3 "PRIMERGY" 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 1097749866 "" "Station reinitialized."<BR>0 "UNKNOWN TRAP" 0 5 "PRIMERGY" 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1097826361 "" "Unknown trap: Enterprise =, Specific Trap Number = 600, Generic Trap Number = 6, 4 Parameters: primergy, 1097826359, 192.168.x.x, public"<P>An other Management Server has been installed to localize the error. The Monitored Server sends traps to both Management Servers. Configuration: Scenic P300, Windows XP SP2 / SNMP Trap Service, ServerView 3.60<BR>Test result:<BR>Test case No.1: Test trap from server PRIMERGY (no error).<BR>Test case No.2: Station reinitialized.<P>Conclusion: AlarmService 2.30 installation misses some configuration information or has some bug in the SnmpGetTrapValues module.<P>Please let me know if you need more detailed test information.<P>Peter Breuer<BR>bP Object<BR><BR>~<BR>~<BR>~<BR>

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