Spheras software on Red Hat Linux

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Spheras software on Red Hat Linux

Postby » Mon Jul 19, 2004 16:27

I am trying to a Primergy RX 600 with Red Hat Linux Advanced Server 3, connected to a Fibrecat S80 via a Qlogic QL2340 fibre channel interface.<BR>I downloaded the Spheras software for Linux from the Fujitsu web site and was able to install it via RPM, but when I use the command ssmAgent to start the software, I get the following error:<BR>start of ssmProxy failed. bailing out<BR>If I enable debug, I see the following messages:<BR>Error occurred during initialization of VM<BR>java.lang.StackOverflowError<BR>ARGV PATH :<BR> -Djava.class.path= : Name Proxy <BR>Full Path = .<BR>Class Path = -Djava.class.path=.:Proxy.jar:CosTrading.jar:./htdocs/ConfigurationView.jar:./htdocs/TreeApplet.jar:./htdocs/TableApi.jar:./htdocs/Login.jar:./htdocs/FCJBOD.jar:./htdocs/SCSIJBOD.j ar:./htdocs/EnclosureMgt.jar<BR>Option[0] String = -Xss96k<BR>Option[1] String = -Djava.class.path=.:Proxy.jar:CosTrading.jar:./htdocs/ConfigurationView.jar:./htdocs/TreeApplet.jar:./htdocs/TableApi.jar:./htdocs/Login.jar:./htdocs/FCJBOD.jar:./htdocs/SCSIJBOD.j ar:./htdocs/EnclosureMgt.jar<P>About to Create JVM..... <P>Do you have suggestions to solve this issue?<BR>Thank you<BR>Luca Alessandrino<BR>

Re: Spheras software on Red Hat Linux

Postby » Wed Aug 18, 2004 15:30

Hi there,<P>Spheras is not and will not be supported with any linux distribution. Please use GAM-SAM.

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