New TX200f server setup problem

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New TX200f server setup problem

Postby box-media » Thu Jul 15, 2004 7:54

Hi,<P>We have just got a TX200f server - however we are having problems setting up the RAID config - at which point during the process should this be possible ?<P>In the manual it says that during the initial boot, you should be able to press <CTRL> and <A> and the opening the RAID config utility - however you newer get this oppertunity.<P>Is there anything wrong with the server or am I doing anything wrong ?

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Re: New TX200f server setup problem

Postby Data » Fri Jul 16, 2004 9:49

Hi there.<BR>I suppose you can't see the <CTRL A> option because the server is configured to boot in "Quiet mode" at this moment.<BR>To disable this, enter the BIOS, select BOOT options and disable Quiet Boot.<P>After this you should see the option <CTRL A> during boot.<P>Best regards.<BR>Data.<BR>

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