SERR on PCI Bus # 0

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SERR on PCI Bus # 0

Postby mani1 » Sun Jul 11, 2004 13:20

We have Acceleraid 352 Mylex Raid Card Controller on two H400 Machines with 4 XEON 700 MHz Processors and 8 GB RAM.<BR>The HDD configuration is as follows:<P>1. 2 x 18GB on RAID1 on Channel 0 <BR>2. 3 x 36GB on RAID5 on Channel 1 <BR>3. 2 x 18GB on RAID1 on Channel 1 <BR>4. 2 x 18GB on RAID1 on Channel 1 <BR>5. 2 x 18GB on RAID1 on Channel 1 <P>One of the HDD which was part of RAID 1 on Channel 1 gets faulty and when I replaced it with the new one, The system didn't come up and giving the message "SERR on PCI Bus # 0". I am running the Windows 2000 Advance Server. <P>One more question. I have Two Identical Machines of Fujitsu-Siemens H400 which have Mylex Raid Controller 352 and Windows 2000 Advance Server is running on RAID 1. Now if i swap the harddisk of one system with other system. Will this still work or it is should not be a problem.<P>Early reply should be highly appreciable.<P>Thanks <P>Mansoor<BR>

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