RX300 boot problem

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RX300 boot problem

Postby ahmedingenieur » Fri Jun 04, 2004 15:40

Good day every Fujitsu-Siemensien !!<BR>I have a little problem with RX300. I have to install 2 RX300.<BR>At the first boot time, i had the message "Operating system not found" (nice !!).One of them has the RSB board. (before starting installation), I have only moved the RSB board from one to another. When i tried to boot the system, i got nothing on the screen (Only a blinking cursor) !!!!!(RX with RSB).<BR>I have tried to load Bios default, but at the next boot i got an alarm (General error) !!<BR>What should i do ? Flashbios ??<BR>Another problem, i had no more access to the bios by pressing F2 !!!<BR>I have unilstalled the board, but the alarm persists and i cannot access Setup !<P>Please SOS !!<BR>Thanks in advance !<BR>Tchüsss - [img]/talk2/ubb-files/smile.gif[/img])

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