PRIMERGY S60 Storage Subsystem

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PRIMERGY S60 Storage Subsystem

Postby chatzaki » Wed Dec 10, 2003 12:23

Hi there,<BR>A customer has one S60 Subsystem, and recently purchased one IBM pSeries 630 UNIX Server under AIX 5.2 Operating System.<BR>He asks the following questions :<BR>- Can the IBM Server be connected to S60?<BR>- If yes, directly or through FC Switch(es)?<BR>- Any known problems/limitations?<P>Thanks

Re: PRIMERGY S60 Storage Subsystem

Postby » Mon Dec 22, 2003 13:57

Hi Chatzaki!<P>I experience absolutely the same problem.<BR>My customer bought the same S60 disk array<BR>and we need to attach it to the PC.<BR>But we have no any adapter card and link<BR>cable. So PLEASE everybody help us!!!<BR>

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