TX300r Split back-plane

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TX300r Split back-plane

Postby willembrown » Thu Oct 16, 2003 11:27

Hello,<P>We bought a TX300r and one of the options was a "Conversion kit 1 for 2x 3 HD 2-channel".<P>The idea was to create hardware-based RAID-1 volumes across the two channels. Unfortunately the controller does not allow this.<P>What does the conversion kit do? can we change it back to just the one channel (6x HD's on one channel) Are there other conversion kits available that will give us a different configuration? (1x4 HD and 2x2 HD)<P>The local supplier's solution is to sell us another 2-channel controller.<P>Thanks.<BR>

Re: TX300r Split back-plane

Postby » Thu Oct 30, 2003 13:29

Hello,<BR>Normally, the 6 hard discs in a TX300 are all connected to the same SCSI-channel on-board (TX300 has 2 on-board SCSI-channels).<BR>With the option "Conversion kit for 2x3 HD" 3 of the disks are connected to the first SCSI-channel and the other 3 disks to the second SCSI-channel. There are no other possibilities.<BR>The SCSI-controller on-board supports raidlevel 1 but it is impossible to create a raid 1-volume (mirroring) if the 2 disks are not on the same channel.<BR>If you really want a raid 1-volume with the disks on two different channels then you need the optional "Zero channel raid controller" (partnr. S26361-F2728-E348). Both the SCSI-channels on board are then converted to real RAID-controllers so you do not need to relocate the SCSI-cables.<P>Best regards,<BR>Willy<BR>

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