Adaptec 3200S raid controller

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Adaptec 3200S raid controller

Postby » Fri Oct 10, 2003 12:39

I have an Apdaptec 3200S raid controller with 4 x 18GB disks (1 hot spare and 3 in RAID5)<BR>I want to replace these disks with 4 disks of 36GB capacity.<BR>Is it possible to first replace the hot spare disk with one of 36GB. After that, I remove the 1st 18GB disk from the raid and let the raid reconfigure on the new 36GB spare disk. After that I add a new 36GB disk as spare disk and then remove the second 18GB disk. Same way for the 3rd disk.<BR>After all has been replaced then I can (I hope I can) create a second RAID5 disk with the empty space on the disks. This gives me a new logical disk to use.<P>Is this possibel and has someone experience with this?

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