Primergy 270 uppgrades?

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Jeremias Ylirotu

Primergy 270 uppgrades?

Postby Jeremias Ylirotu » Thu Mar 06, 2003 17:12

Hi,<P>can I use a Slot I Pentium III -processor on this server? My quess is yes as long as it operates on 100MHz but I would really appreciate some sort of an answer before shelling out for a part that I don´t really otherwise need. Is there a limit to the frequency of the processors? Would I be able to use a 133MHz FSB PIII? <P>Is there a limit to the amount of memory, can I use 512 MB DIMM´s? Can the memory be 133MHz?<P>Also, one more question, can I use ATX-spec spare parts if the PSU or motherboard dies? Meaning is the case made according to ATX-specs?<P>All replies appreciated,<BR>Jeremias Ylirotu<BR>Finland<p>[This message has been edited by Jeremias Ylirotu (edited 06 March 2003).]

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