"NTDETECT Fail" problem

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"NTDETECT Fail" problem

Postby kk#33 » Wed Feb 05, 2003 9:37

I am installing WindowsNT on Primergy F200.<BR>I follow the Serverstart on Expert mode, configure RAID1 ( 2 Hardisks successful),<BR>select GlobalFlash and Mirror disk.<BR>I proceed until WindowsNT was copied to Hardisk. No error message at all until there is the instruction to take out CD or floppy diskand restart. After that WindowsNT on HD cannot boot up the Server the error message is "NTDETECT Fail" on black screen. <BR>Do you have any suggestion to solve this problem? Thank you in advance.

Re: "NTDETECT Fail" problem

Postby » Wed Feb 05, 2003 16:13

Hello!<P>I guess you are using serverStart v. 5.x, for this should not be a problem with ServerStart 4.x...<P>If you are using ServerStart v. 5x:<BR>MS Windows NT 4.0 may only be installed on the first partition, so you cannot use GlobalFlash/Easy Mirror. In addition the NT partition must be Maximum 4GB FAT partition, since NT 4.0 can't read the NTFS created by ServerStart 5x.<BR>(at least these issues were restrictions with ServerStart 5.209)<BR>A workaround, if you wanna use Global Flash / Easy Mirror:<BR>- Boot from the ServerStart CD-ROM and create the desired service partition(s) in ExpertMode. <BR>- Create the necessary NT4 driver diskettes for the mass storage controller of the target system with the ServerStart FloppyBuilder. <BR>- Boot from the original NT4 CD and install MS Windows NT 4.0 on a 2nd partition, specifying the driver diskettes created with ServerStart.

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