CPU FAN problem on Primergy N200

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CPU FAN problem on Primergy N200

Postby » Wed Jul 31, 2002 12:29

Hello everybody!<BR>When I start server CPU FAN sometimes power on sometimes not. FAN is absolutly workable and cables are too. I have only one suspicion - small FanPrint module may not work propertly but how can I check him? What should I do? Take new module? And what if it not the reason? So please help me to deside.

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Re: CPU FAN problem on Primergy N200

Postby Data » Mon Aug 05, 2002 10:23

Hi Nikita,<P>It seems to me you still have warranty on this server.<BR>Just place a call at one of the service partners in your country.<BR>They will analyse and fix the problem for you.<P>Regards,<BR>Data.<BR>

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