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Primergy L100

Postby » Wed Jul 31, 2002 9:46

Hello,<BR>i try to install a new Primergy L100. I start with ServerStart, insert the floppy and after few seconds i receive this two messages:<BR>- serverstart is usable on primergy systems only (is it crazy???)<BR>- the system will be restarted. Please remove any disks from the....<P>The version of serverstart is 4.26, June 2002.<BR>I try to reset the bios configuration, the configuration of the array, use only 1 memory module at time, use another ServerStart cd (we have other two servers like this), but i still receive the same messages.<BR>Please help, thanx to all.<P>PS: i also call the support.

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Re: Primergy L100

Postby Data » Mon Aug 05, 2002 10:27

Hi Stefano.<P>This sounds like a hardware issue.<BR>The best way is to place a call at one of the service partners in your country.<P>Regards.<BR>Data.<P>

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