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primergy 670-40

Postby » Wed Jul 24, 2002 14:18

hi,<BR>my server has 4 x piii xeon processors at 550mhz. after a powerdown it now boots ups showing them at only 200mhz. also had probs with my mylex1164p and a scsi controller board also all the pci hot plug slots are now showing grn and orange with indicate some king of fault...... any ideas!!!!!


Re: primergy 670-40

Postby ToDa » Thu Jul 25, 2002 7:56

Hi Steve,<BR>what is your current BIOS version of the system ??? You can see it during POST. The newest version is V4.06 R1.09.1111. You can download it from: <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> <BR>Use the search field and search for D1111.<P>Did you install the Management SW called "ServerView" from the "ServerStart" CD ???<BR>The SW can provide detailed informations of the system status.<BR>What kind of scsi controller do you plugged in the hot plug pci slot?<P>best regards,<BR>ToDa

Re: primergy 670-40

Postby » Thu Jul 25, 2002 18:44

hi ToDa,<BR>Many thanks for the reply - I have installed the latest bios upgrade from the web with no change, the scsi card now installed is an adaptec 2940u2w. The warranty engineer turned up today, apparantly they have had a few of this kind of fault and it is the motherboard which will not arrive until tomorrow. Fortunately i have bought another machine as a spare (arrived this morning) so the panic is now over (althougth the overtime took a hit!) One scary thing did happen when the new server arrived the memory was not installed correctly and guess what - the symptoms were exactly the same as the original 200mhz xeons, hot swop pci,s showing faulty..... Thanks for the help until the next time......<BR> regards steve

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