raid most capacity 36 gB

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raid most capacity 36 gB

Postby dosbi » Mon Jul 22, 2002 19:43

I have an primergy H200 with 2 I2O controllers, i has installed four HDD 70 GB capacity. The controllers recognice the HDD with 70 GB one by one, but when i make some RAID ( mirroring, RAID, raid 0) the capacity of raid never exceded the 36 GB.<BR>???<BR>Where is the problem, the controllers have the last drivers from ADAPTEC.<P>Thanks for your help<P><BR>


Re: raid most capacity 36 gB

Postby ToDa » Tue Jul 23, 2002 10:30

Hi dosbi,<BR>which tool do you use to configure the RAID ?<P>Can you give me more informations about your configuration ???<BR>- system BIOS<BR>- type and number of RAID controllers<BR>- channel configuration from controller(s) to the SCSI backplane<BR>- order of harddisks (all connected to one channel or splitted 2 and 2)<BR>- which RAID config. do you want to create, all harddisks to one RAID 1 (mirror)?<P>for more help,<BR>please provide this informations.<P>best regards,<BR>ToDa<BR>

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