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primepower 400 n

Postby » Wed Jul 10, 2002 16:21

aaarrrgggh my primepower stops after a transport with the silly message odp:stop just after initialising and probing the pci.<BR>i thought it may be a card but not with anny result i took all cards aut and reinserted the grafic adapter but never the less it was useless.<P>woh can help!!!<BR>please mail at


Re: primepower 400 n

Postby RHAF » Fri Aug 16, 2002 18:18

As it is a PrimePower, I would assume that this unit is used in a business. As such downtime would need to be held to a bare minimum..... <BR>Best thing to do....Call your local FSC / ICL or Fujitsu-Services organisation and get them in to solve the error.<P>Regards,<BR>RHAF

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