Problems with main memory upgrade on H400

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Problems with main memory upgrade on H400

Postby slava » Mon Jul 08, 2002 9:16

I have a problem like a Birger's one.<BR>I want to upgrade a main memory in PRIMERGY H400 server. Now it is installed 4*64 Mb. When I am adding 8*128 Mb memory modules, POST is working normally (memory test identifies 1280 Mb). But problems are occuring when WinNT Server 4.0 is started (blue screen during first tasks performing). When I shut down and switch on the server, memory test during POST identifies only 768 Mb. I look in the Setup and see that one of four memory banks is failed because two of four modules in this bank are failed. If I switches these modules to "Enable", the problem occurs again after next restart. <BR>Then I restart the server with ServerStart CD and look into the front panel log. There I see following messages types:<BR>1) CAN bus communication error at cabinet 0;<BR>2) Uncorrectable memory error in bank 2;<BR>3) Uncorrectable memory error in module 9;<BR>4) Memory module 9 disabled (too many errors);<BR>5) Error on CPU 3 detected while power-on selftest (this error is occured only one time, rest occurs permanently).<BR>I have updated BIOS toward last version, but problem is remained.<BR>I have three more similar servers. One of them is birns this problem, other one is updated successfully with same memory modules. Therefor, cause of the problem is not in the memory modules.<BR>Could you help me?<BR>Next two weeks I am planning to upgrade main memory on rest two servers, and I need you advices very much.<BR>Thank you.


Re: Problems with main memory upgrade on H400

Postby RHAF » Fri Aug 16, 2002 18:22

What is the exact description of the memory modules that you are trying to upgrade with?<P>regards,<BR>RHAF

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