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Postby » Tue Sep 25, 2001 9:45

I have a problem with a PRIMERGY 600<P>The first Problem<P>The server reboot automatically 1 or two time per Month and a message<BR>appears<BR>*Operating system not found<BR>*mylex configuration not found<BR>if I acced to setup without modification the server reboot without Problem<P>the second Problem<BR>I would make the two Ethernet Cards with Load balancing but this message<BR>appear<BR>This feature is not available for this version of win NT Terminal server<P>I would inform you that I have make the same operation in other primergy 600<BR>; with the same Win NT and the same Ethernet cards intel Pro<P><BR>Thanks<BR>Koubaa Sofiene<BR>MIS "Fujitsu-siemens" -TUNISIA

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