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Disaster recovery

Postby » Wed Aug 08, 2001 10:22

If a primepower server runs Solaris - can you recover a Prime Power server to a Sun Server - or is the reccomendation to recover to another Primepower server ?

Igor Sobrado

Re: Disaster recovery

Postby Igor Sobrado » Sat Aug 18, 2001 14:11

You can try to recover the damaged filesystems to another Solaris workstation/server. Some tips you should consider are:<P>1.- If it is not possible to mount the damaged filesystems though NFS you will need to mount the damaged hard disk in the SCSI chain of another Solaris server.<P>2.- You CANNOT MADE ASSUMPTIONS about the endianess behavior of the filesystem. Filesystems endianess depends on the computer where the filesystems resides. In fact, both computers must be big-endian or little-endian, but you cannot try to recover a damaged filesystem mounting a big-endian filesystem on a low-endian workstation or vice versa.<P>Remember that NFS-exported filesystems works without problems between big-endian and low-endian computers because all the TCP/IP based services use the same conventions (the C programming language offers some function libraries to translate these conventions to the local rules of the computer).<P>3.- Mount these filesystems as read-only filesystems. If not, the damages can be increased.<P>4.- Remember that some companies recover important information from damaged drives. It is expensive, but can be a good alternative.<P>5.- And, please, in the future maintain good backups. Remember that Unix is (in words of Brian Kernighan) an incinerator. Information removed cannot be easily recovered. The same rule applies to damaged filesystems.<P>Do not hesitate in contact with me or in asking to the appropiate newsgroups for more information about the steps you must follow.<P>I am sure, the information can be recovered<BR>but you must remember that both machines must have the same endianess behavior and that you must mount the filesystem in the Solaris workstation as a read-only one.<P>Best regards,<BR>Igor.<P>-- <BR>Igor Sobrado, UK34436 - sobrado@acm.org

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