Lack of vista drivers..

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Lack of vista drivers..

Postby Katseviool » Mon Sep 03, 2007 13:51

I am getting quite tired @ Fujitsu Siemens, constantly promoting to upgrade to Windows Vista. But when you upgrade, you get an another problem... almost none of their drivers work :evil:

Have a nice Slim USB keyboard, but still waiting months for a driver.. how hard will it be to create a Vista driver?! I am getting so angry that I have to use a yellow dusty keyboard on Vista because FS is to lazy to fix a Vista driver...
I almost got forced to downgrade back to XP or buy for $40 an another keyboard, but I know one thing for sure; this is absolutely the last time I buy hardware from FS.. :evil:

So I got one simple question; Fujitsu Siemens when do you start with creating Vista drivers? Or is this just a strategy that will force us to replace all our hardware?

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Postby Katseviool » Thu Sep 06, 2007 15:48


Had contact with technical support, result is that I can forget it...

2 solutions: downgrade back to XP or buy a new keyboard :evil:

What a service and support! Last time I bought such crap...

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Postby diabolicum » Thu Sep 06, 2007 18:31

its not FS the make hardware, vista is a bugy Operating system not 100% bugfree like windows XP , XP autodetects hardware and autoinstall it and i'm not sure for vista
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Postby Katseviool » Mon Sep 10, 2007 15:26

Yeah right, we are going back in the time with Vista... FS is completely responsible for this bullshit, none of the other brands have problems with creating drivers, but check for once the driver directory of FS... almost nothing, not even one for one of their keyboards!

Hands down for FS!

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Postby Dave O » Wed Sep 12, 2007 19:44

It's a real longshot. It's a given that F/S won't have actually made the keyboard. So some one else would have made it for them. Look all over the product for codes etc. Using google, it might just find the real maker. Go to thier web site, see if they have a driver. I know its a long shot, but its worked for me a few times. :wink:

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