System crash after Blackice installation

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System crash after Blackice installation

Postby greeknl » Sun Jan 08, 2006 8:17

DOes anyone experienced this problem, I have head that of at least one other who had the same problem. System works fine until you install blackice protection.

Has anyone a solution


System Crash

Postby k-lund » Thu Jan 26, 2006 19:51

It is the second day I have used my new Amilo M1437G and the system crashed.

About an hour - or so - before the system went down I installed an anti-virus program called avast.

I'm using this program on all my other computers, and no problem there.
I'm not sure wether it's the anti-virus program or not, but sounds quite the same thing.

When I turn my computer on, the screen keeps being black no signs at all, and the only thing that indicates it's turned on is the power light.
It doesn't work at all...

Please Help! !

Hope Anyone know an answer for my problem.

Thank You


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Postby Mike_26 » Fri Feb 03, 2006 23:02

The fact that your computer doesn't appear to be getting past the initial POST (Power On Self Test), that indicates that there is a hardware failure. No software runs, until your computer has completed these tests. Sounds like faulty RAM, or a faulty motherboard to me. Can you access the BIOS when the computer turns on (normally pressing delete should access the BIOS). Can you open the CD-ROM drive?
Could be a corrupted Virus Database, but I wouldn't of thought so (I've had a corrupted virus database and Windows loads first).

But I think you'll probably have to get the hardware checked out.

Hope that helped.

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