Primergy 670-20


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Primergy 670-20

Postby eeek » Thu Jan 25, 2007 17:02

First off we are a 'poor' school and try to make things last forever :)

We have 2 of these, both have a single PIII 700 cpu.

1. Can I take the cpu from one and add it to the second slot in the other server to make it dual. Is it as simple as slot it in? no funny stuff. An op sys reinstall is on the way anyway so that doesnt matter.

2 A socket between the cpu slots called 'regulator', whats it for? Is it related to dual cpus?


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Postby me@work » Fri Feb 02, 2007 8:40

You're absolutely on the right track to solve that problem on your own, so I'll try to answer the questions the other way round:

2. The regulator socket will have to be fitted with a so-called VRM (voltage regulator module), matching the type of the installed CPU. The mainboard only brings the VRM for the first CPU.

1. If you also add the above mentioned VRM, then adding the same type of CPU is indeed as simple as that. As you already mentioned, depending on your OS some other maintenance could be required at this stage.

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