Amilo 1630, USB 2.0 problem :(

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Amilo 1630, USB 2.0 problem :(

Postby Retlaw » Mon Dec 20, 2004 14:05

Hi<P>Last night I plugged my new usb 2.0 external harddisk box to my Amilo A 1630. Windows found it, no problem, but suddenly Windows tells me that I should connect the usb cabel to a fast usb 2.0 socket, if I want to make use of full usb 2.0 performance. I thought my laptop were using usb 2.0, but it seems that it only run ver 1.1. Driverdetails says: SIS7001 - USB to PCI bus host controller. I found on the Internet that it should be SIS7002, is that correct ?<P>Can someone tell me how I get 2.0 support on my laptop ?<P>I use Windows XP sp2<BR>Laptop model: Amilo A 1630 /AMD64 3000+<P>/Retlaw


Re: Amilo 1630, USB 2.0 problem :(

Postby lemminguk » Thu Jan 06, 2005 23:40

Retlaw,<P>I found I only got this warning when I connected the external device through a USB hub and not directly in the USB sockets provided by the laptop itself.<P>I too have SIS 7001 host controller chipsets so I'm not sure where your problem lies.<P>Regards<P>Carl

Re: Amilo 1630, USB 2.0 problem :(

Postby » Sat Jan 08, 2005 3:01

apparently the usb 2.0 is meant to be a bit dodgy.. i had a few intermittent problems with a logitech wireless mouse, usb drive etc. Not sure but think it was the logitech drivers playing havoc, has been ok since they were rolled back


Re: Amilo 1630, USB 2.0 problem :(

Postby mugglewig » Sun Jan 09, 2005 23:03

I had the same problem on my brand new A 1630.<BR>I have contacted Fujitsu several times over hours now and they still will not accept it is a hardware problem, as I am sure it is.<BR>Do you think I have grounds for a refund as they have totally let me down?


Re: Amilo 1630, USB 2.0 problem :(

Postby britts » Sat Dec 10, 2005 14:44

Hi,<BR> I have the same problem with my Amilo A1630, 3700, XPSP2, when I plug in my external HDD (USB2 Caddie), I receive a message from the sys tray which states that "the USB device could perform faster etc...."<P>Anyway I have contacted the UK HelpDesk, although they deny all knowledge of this problem (although it has been posted on various web forums), I have got a refrence logged to have the Laptop repaired, therefore to the other unfortunate people here, phone the helpdesk again and DON'T take no for an answer, THIS IS A HARDWARE ISSUE, AND AS THIS LAPTOP IS SOLD AS HAVING 3 USB 2 PORTS, THIS IS FAULSE ADVERTISING, AND IF THE PROBLEMS ARE NOT RESOLVED THEN TRADING STANDARDS SHOULD BE INFORMED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!<P>Please note that apart from this problem with the laptop, I am VERY pleased with the laptop and this mail should not be taken otherwise, althought Fujitsu-Siemens do have a responseability to deal with this problem in a suitable manner.<P>

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