Amilo: Fan is Working Continuously

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Amilo: Fan is Working Continuously

Postby Khazaei » Fri Jul 21, 2006 16:27

I have an Amilo M7405. It's problem is that when it's fan starts to work, it doesn't stops itself and is working continuously. It's not so noisy but I'm afraid if it works like this it may get broken very soon!!

I installed a software to check the Temperature of CPU and hard-drive, CPU is always on 11° ( is it normal or correct?) and when the temperature of hard drive reaches to 35°C, the fan starts to work continuously even if I don't work with my laptop!!


Postby Amilo-User » Fri Jul 21, 2006 18:09

your software dosen´t work well... 11° is too low for a CPU... it wouldn´t work if it were so... check your BIOS for the right temperature... and sorry for my english :roll:

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