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Postby JonC » Sun Oct 11, 2009 22:55


I've recently upgraded the RAM in the my P5GD1-FM from the standard 1024gb to 3 * 1gb sticks, the BIOS and O/S (WIN XP x64) sees all the available RAM, so I put in the spare DIMM slot one of the 512mb sticks.

On booting the PC, the BIOS shows 3200mb of memory and the O/S sees 3.12gb, CPU-Z shows 3584mb and dxdiag shows 3200mb.

From doing some research, it appears that the chipset (915G) reserves some of the addressable upper memory for PCI devices via memory mapping.

Solutions offered up for other types of mainboards are to enable memory mapping however the BIOS (revision 1203) doesnt give this option.

Has anyone managed to find a solution to this, or is just not possible with this type of mainboard, i'm planning on getting Windows7 x64 and another 1gb RAM stick, however if I cant use more than 3.12gb then it's not worth paying the extra.

Also, are there any BETA versions of the Fujistu BIOS available that would enable memory mapping.



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