fujitsu Siemens Cordant ,first goes to bluescreen error

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Product(s): fujitsu siemens Cordant desktop duel cdrom drive with floppy.
cpu info amd athlon xp 3200+2.20 ghts ,512 ram 200 gb hardrive Nvida gforce soundcard.
whatever else you need just ask me and ill tell you. pc was bought brandnew feb 2008

fujitsu Siemens Cordant ,first goes to bluescreen error

Postby onfiregirl » Tue Dec 09, 2008 1:28

hello i have a fujitsu Siemens Cordant that has been going first to the deadly bluescreen error message ,then it restarts itself , now what i have done to try and fix this issue my self is i updated all of the drivers for the pc that i could, i have run tons of virus checks, switched the ram card into another slot and i still have the same issue. i have on hand and handy most of the memory dumps in a folder of which i can forward to somebody who would be willing to help me with this .

i bought the pc back in feb of this year and i shouldnt be having any issues with it, but iam.
some of the error that i have been getting are are follows

driver not less or equel ,, page fault in non page area , and so forth and so on .

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