[ERGOPRO X565] Memory Query

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[ERGOPRO X565] Memory Query

Postby Mike Newcomb » Wed Oct 24, 2007 6:27

In respect of a Fujitsu Ergopro X model X565/350.

Page 12 of the manual advises the maximum memory configuration as being 3 sticks @ 128mb giving 384mb total.

Has anyone experience of using higher capacity memory sticks such as 256mb, 512mb or 1gb in these pc's?

Presumably these larger sticks became available after the pc and/or manual were produced, as the largest stick detailed under the DIMM recommendations in the manual is:-

128mb non ECC / 100mhz / 3.3v / SDRAM / 4 clock lines / 168 pins

Thanks - Mike

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Dave O
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Postby Dave O » Wed Oct 24, 2007 14:04

I have been on the Crucial web site, and they say that the maximum memory you can have is 384mb. The maximum memory size is dictated by the motherboard not the memory, so its not worth trying to push it higher. :cry:
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