jetson-p upgrade with moore ram

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jetson-p upgrade with moore ram

Postby kerimo666 » Mon Feb 22, 2010 10:26

Hi I have a question.

I want to uppgrade my fujitsu jetson-p desktop with moore ddr ram. I used everest to look what kind of ram it is that I am using now.
went to the shop and they were speaking of "pins" and everest doesnt show that pins information.
opened fujitsi site and tried to read manual for jetson-p and there wasnt any manual for jetson-p .can you please help me out wich ram I should have.
the ram I use for today is DDR-sdram pc3200 (200mhz)

and one moore thing can I use 400mhz ram ? together with 200 mhz.

ps sorry for my bad englsih :D

Many thanks

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