How to use freeswan (VPN) on elux NG

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How to use freeswan (VPN) on elux NG

Postby olivier13 » Mon Jun 07, 2010 7:43

I explain my situation. I have a terminal FUTRO B100 ST320, with an embarked Linux which names elux NG and which gets several installed packages. What would interest me in these packages, it is in particular the Freeswan software, that is an open customer VPN source. However I don't arrive to manage it at the moment, because nothing indicates me how to do. The software is available via a window of configuration (indeed, the system is very secure, no access root available). This window of configuration contains only 3 fields (address of the server VPN, the mask of network and public key of security). When I write the parameters, the terminal restarts but nothing occurs when the system is restarted.
Furthermore, three quarter of bash commands bound in freeswan is unavailable because I haven't rights, I can't be root. So I don't arrive to start the service...
If anybody has an experience in this domain, whom that is with the terminal or with the freeswan software, could he help me?
I thank you beforehand!
Goutay Olivier.

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