Installation CD for FUTRO B100 ST320

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Installation CD for FUTRO B100 ST320

Postby olivier13 » Wed Jun 02, 2010 13:02

I explain you my situation. The company for which I work owns terminals, model FUTRO B100 ST320. However, this equipment was second-hand bought and so was not delivered with the installation's CD. The customers would like to have a VPN client on this terminal, regrettably it was available on the cd.
The age of this model and the OS (elux 1.38) does that neither fujitsu nor Unicon (programmer of elux) is capable of bringing me help to configure correctly these terminals. Indeed, Unicon declares that he does not assure the software part and fujitsu declares that this model is not any more a part of the support, and that the manufacturing of cd for this OS is ended...

So I try to find a CD on internet or a solution to install a VPN client who would walk on a terminal of this type.
If anybody possesses this type of cd, or if somebody met the same type of problem as me, could contact me to you please?
I thank you beforehand.

Ps: you find the description of the terminal here:

Kind regards,
Goutay Olivier.

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