[Futro S300] eLux Bluetooth - any ideas?

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[Futro S300] eLux Bluetooth - any ideas?

Postby wheelie » Mon Mar 02, 2009 12:52

Hi all,

Has anyone compiled bluetooth support for eLux?

I'am a happy home user of my S300. I would like to use wireless devices
like keyboard, mouse and sound over bluetooth with my S300. Any ideas
how to compile bluetooth support in SDK and how to make installation package for it?

I have compiled and installed lot of software on linux computers, but I
don't understand how to work with eLux SDK. I guess I should install
compiler on SDK, then install all needed packages, but how do I know
which files do I need to collect to that installation package? Or do I really
have to KNOW what to pick? Any help.

If I ever get that bluetooth package done, I would be happy share it with other
users. If I get bluetooth sound working, next package would be some VoIP

Thanks in advance

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