a big thankyou bubblegum

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a big thankyou bubblegum

Postby steveblu » Mon Dec 04, 2006 17:22

just to say thanks for taking time to explain the procedure maybe other forum member norway should take note? so this is what happened my pc crashed i got blue screen the disk boot failure please insert cd did this [you still with me so far norway? ] my pc began to load windows then it got to the accept agreement pressed f8 then to repair or install from here the pc shuts down error unrecoverable volume errors your pc shutdown to protect itself pc will not start in safe mode or f2 bios tried partition , also tried delete , format , nothing worked support at fujitsu told me hardrive gone even tried to wipe hardrive with nuke software but doesnt work , so is it the hardrive? being new to pcs is not easy you might remember that when giving out your next lot of advice, anyway ty bubblegum and to all forum members who took time to read my posts ty

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Postby Norway » Tue Dec 05, 2006 10:28

now now dont be a sore moaner ;), your hard disk is gone to hell or to heaven (depends on amount of *****). You just have too realize that nothing last forever, check if you can get it on warranty.

Anyway good luck with your new investment in harddrive, a good tip is too buy samsung spinpoint series 250 or 400 gig. good experience with that brand and type.


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