Trying to get Fujitsu flat screen to work with a dual video

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Trying to get Fujitsu flat screen to work with a dual video

Postby robbiemappin » Fri Jun 23, 2006 12:36

Hi Support

I work on behalf of a number of schools in South Yorkshire who have
Fujitsu-Siemens PC towers and Flat screen displays.

Most teachers now use interactive whiteboards and therefore the video
output of the PC has to be split between the flat screen and a
whiteboard projector.

Bought the necessary dual splitter cables, plugged one end into the PC
tower then the splitter end into the whiteboard and the Fujitsu flat

After messing about for quite a while, I've found that although Benq,
Acer, Dell CRT and TFT monitors will work fine with this setup, your
TFTs won't display.

I have to physically unplug the splitter whiteboard connection, wait
until the display appears on your TFT and then plug the whiteboard
connection back in. The dual display is then fine for the rest of the
session, but if the teacher has to reboot the machine or start it up
again each morning, we have to mess about unplugging and re-plugging the

To conclude, there is nothing wrong with your PC towers or the cables
I'm using it is all down to the fact that your displays don't like a
split connection on startup.

Do you have any switches, dongles, etc that can resolve this issue as it
is real pain?



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