WinDVD - "Failed to activate audio"

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Phil K

WinDVD - "Failed to activate audio"

Postby Phil K » Sat Mar 11, 2006 18:21

This is all I have had from this since the computer arrived less than a month ago.
I have uninstalled it 3 times now, and the first time it worked. Then the next time it had "Failed to activate..." again. It hasnt worked since.
I have installed my PowerDVD from my previous computer.
That works no problem.
What the hells wrong with WinDVD ? :evil:
Its the same with the Nero that came with the comp - THAT wont recode. I have had to use the serial from my dvd/cdrw combo nero for the bloody thing to work. Even then, it doesnt - it freezes the prog and wont work, and I have to reboot to get it off the desktop !
Is there ANY of the bundle that came with the flamin' computer that damn well works ? :evil:

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