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Postby denys06 » Thu Aug 04, 2011 20:54

How could I make my Scenic P320 works in the RAID 1 mode?
:( In the BIOS, if I define S-ATA Mode in "RAID", boot does not work : I get a message "Expansion ROM not initialized - PCI Network Controller on Motherboard. Press F1 or F2".
:? If S-ATA set as "NATIVE", then the RAID 1 function of the "SIS RAID Utility" program works.
Should I deduct from the above that the BIOS RAID function does not work, but the application RAID within Windows XP (Pro SP3) works? True or false ?
Then the question is : what the BIOS S-ATA RAID mode setting is done for ?
Thx for your inputs.

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Re: RAID 1 on SCENIC P320

Postby carlodigiorgio » Wed Aug 22, 2012 14:22

Hi there,
I had the same problem on the same Fujitsu Siemens Scenic P320. I tried with and without RAID and the PC was not starting properly and/or irregularly. The RAID drivers were installed. Nevertheless the P320 was not logging regularly. Then I took out its HDD and put it into another P320 which was doing fine and on that machine suddenly no more problems with starting my Windows XP Pro.
Furtheremore, on the P320 which was not working properly I installed the HDD of the other machine and the has been immediately positive, no problems at all. Both machines with exchanged HDD's work perfectly well.

I think that there is a solution for the irregular logging with and witout RAID but I didn't bother to pursue it as it would take too much effort.

Now all my 4 P320work fine and they are set on NATIVE



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