Cheap Thermal Dynamics Cause Overheating

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Cheap Thermal Dynamics Cause Overheating

Postby Axminster » Fri Jan 14, 2011 16:28

Has anyone else had a problem with recent models (OK, I'm talking Scenic P300 X102 or later) where you could probably lay the tower on its side and fry your breakfast above the vent?
Only we've had a fair few of them recently cut-out due to overheating and I think I know why:

1) The PSU was placed directly over the CPU with only 1 fan working to extract the heated air from both components.
2) The CPU was a 7th generation Intel Pentium 4 -type; well-known for overheating.
3) The thermal transfer pads used were cheap and dried-out, causing air pockets between CPU and heat sink.

Point 3 is the crucial one, as air is superheated in the small pocket between the CPU and heat sink, which will bake the compound and destroy the seal necessary for heat to transfer to the heat sink, radiate and be expelled from the system.

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