Wrong memory size after adding RAM

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Wrong memory size after adding RAM

Postby newkiddy » Tue Oct 20, 2009 20:22

Good evening,

I have a Scenic W 600 with a main board D1567 and the Phoenix BIOS.06 R1.09.
Until some days ago I had two bars with 1GB, a bar with 512MB and a 256 on board. As memory size 2814 MB were shown by the BIOS.
Now I have bought two new bars with 1GB each, took away the old bars and put in the new ones. The BIOS displayed 2048 MB. Then I added the two old 1GB memory bars. But I did not see the expected 4GB of memory (not even 3,3 or 3,5) I did see 2814MB again.
Is there a special setting in the BIOS or an extra jumper on the board to recognize the new memory?


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Re: Wrong memory size after adding RAM

Postby ADAMSKI » Wed Feb 03, 2010 8:51

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