Scenic E600 supported CPU?

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Scenic E600 supported CPU?

Postby ltrifonov » Mon Aug 10, 2009 9:39


I have a Scenic e600 D1534 Axxxx mainboard
technical specifications says CPU up to 3.4 GHz HT are supported.

But when i inserted 3.06 Ghz HT P4, the system didn't start
only fans on high speed, and nothing else!

I have upgraded BIOS and Microcode with last versions.

I searched in forum and found similar post for other mainboard:

I bought a cpu P4 3GHz 1MB 800MHz.
I assembled it in my motherboard but the cpu will not work with my d1562.
Only the fans are running when I power on the System. :(
Latest Bios and Microcode Update's are installed.
Does the motherboard hold the cpu I bought or do I have to use a P4 with 512 KB L2

thank you for a answer

Regards Jup

The D1562 can operate with the following CPU's:

D1562-A21: only Northwood CPU's up to 3,2GHz
D1562-C23: also Prescott CPU's, starting with 2.8GHz. You can use Prescotts with 2.8, 3.0, 3.2, 3.4GHz.

Thomas FSC"

I Guess Problem is with Prescott processor I have.

Is it right?


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