[Scenic P320 with D1961 mb] CPU support/upgrade?

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[Scenic P320 with D1961 mb] CPU support/upgrade?

Postby akseli » Sun May 24, 2009 21:51

So I have a Scenic P320 with Celeron D prosessor, the motherboard is D1961 with Sis 661 chipset. Officially I know it supports at most Pentium 4, little over 3 GHz with HT. I think 3.2 GHz.

But the question is, does it support any more, possible some early Pentium D? The chipset manufacturer says the chipset supports some Pentium D models, but does this particular motherboard support such prosessor? It would be a nice suprice if it did.

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Re: [Scenic P320 with D1961 mb] CPU support/upgrade?

Postby kdelw » Thu Oct 22, 2009 23:15

Hi all,

Any chance to get an answer for that question?
I've just been given the scenic p320 on the same chipset, and I have one pentium d 820 processor laying aroung my house.
I've put it in, computer starts says something (just at a bios post note) that processor patch can not be loaded. I can press f1 and go further but the system xp, live cd ubuntu etc. hang when loading.

When I boot my computer from Ultimate Boot CD, there's an Intel tool to recognize the processor, and It shows all the information properly ( 2 processors, what processor it is etc.)

Anyone found anything to make this processor working on this system? I've tried to put some bios patches (microcode) but that still doesn't work.


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