[Scenic E600] Dead motherboard

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[Scenic E600] Dead motherboard

Postby thal » Tue May 05, 2009 13:47


I'm in charge of a classroom equipped with 16 reconditioned FS E600 (Celeron 2,6 GHz). They have all worked just fine for quite a while when suddenly they started to give up in a random pattern. Some just died when students were working, others just refused to start. Until now I've replaced 6, all belonging to one of two (bad?) batches from FS, at least according to their serial numbers.

Since all this happened during a period of 6-8 months I don't suspect any environmental circumstances, e.g. power-surge. All hardware, including power supply seems to be working fine. It is just not possible to get any reaction from the motherboard, not even the short swirl from the two fans when power is turned on.

Is there anyone with similar experiences who have a solution?

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